Krushi Dhan – Check Live Crop Price Across India


Project Description

Live prices form more than 3500 Markets through India.

Krushi Dhan helps you to check the latest Indian agricultural commodities mandi price (Minimum, Maximum and Model price) from different states and districts. We make it simple for farmers, traders and for every Indian citizen to know the mandi(Market Yard) price updates from anywhere.

The prices shown into Krushi Dhan application is based on the deal of crops done on respective date. i.e. The prices for some crops in Krushi Dhan application are backdated, It means that the deal (Buying and Selling) of crop for respective date at respective market yard is not being happened today. Means if the deal doesn’t happens today then for that crop, prices of tomorrow is considered. If and only if the deal will be completed at different rate then tomorrow, then the prices will be updated for today.

Project Details

Client: Local Client

Tags: Android

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